• Provide financial backing to members who are unlikely to be funded through normal channels within their organisation to present at an international conference.

Funding Limit 

  • Up to a maximum value of £2,200.

Number of Annual Presentation Bursaries       

  • A maximum of 1 Presentation Bursary will be awarded each year annually.

Timeline for Completion    

  • This will be dependent on which of our Sister Organisations you choose to present with. Your chosen specialism may be specific to the core work of a particular organisation where the conference falls prior to the bursary release. If this is the case, then please state this on your application. We would like you to complete you overseas presentation before presenting at the SCHOMS conference, so you can reflect on the experience.

Why Apply   

  • The Bursary is an exciting opportunity to represent SCHOMS as an ambassador and attend and present on relevant subject at the annual Conference of one of our Sister Orgaisations.  Examples of what you might choose to present on include: a completed AV or learning space project, convergence of AV/IT – but it is up to you – any relevant topic will be considered. 

Who Can Apply

  • Presentation Bursaries are open to all members of SCHOMS except for the SCHOMS Executive Committee.

What do I Need to Apply

  • A developed concept for presentation that demonstrates excellence and innovation in their contribution to their University in their field of work.
  • Access to all the results and resources required to produce your presentation slide show.

Commitments to SCHOMS 

  • Winners of this bursary will become and ambassador of SCHOMS for the duration of the overseas conference attendance. 
  • After successful completion of the overseas presentation, you will be required to present at SCHOMS annual conference to share your work with our members. 
  • You will be asked to provide feedback on your experience. 
  • Presentation at SCHOMS conference can also include elements of your experience while representing SCHOMS at conference overseas.
  • Successful applicants will act as ambassador for SCHOMS during their bursary and will agree, where appropriate and within reason, to undertake additional tasks at their host institution(s) to contribute to SCHOMS collaboration and cooperation.
  • Successful applicants will support SCHOMS’ efforts to promote the SCHOMS bursary scheme.
  • Your presentation will be endorsed by the SCHOMS Executive prior to travelling to present.
  • Present at the agreed overseas conference.
  • Present at SCHOMS Annual Conference this may fall in the following year.
  • Feedback experience to SCHOMS Executive Committee.

Selection Criteria    

  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate excellence and innovation in their contribution to their University in their field of work. 
  • They must be able to show how they will disseminate the outcomes of the bursary work to the benefit of the SCHOMS membership.

Selection Process

  • The selection panel will include at least three members of the SCHOMS Exec and an independent representative. Should a member of the SCHOMS Exec submit a proposal, they will be excluded from marking their own application.

Practical Details - Leave Considerations

  • Applicants who require paid annual leave to undertake their chosen bursary activity will need to agree this with their home institution prior to applying.

Practical Details - Bursary Budgets 

  • During the application process, applicants should inform their Line Manager and / or Head of Budget Centre that, if successfully awarded a research or presentation award, the money would be placed in the care of the institution, where payment would be issued to. A full account of expenditure will be required on completion of the Bursary visit by the SCHOMS Executive Committee. Any under-spend of the award must be returned to SCHOMS.
  • Successful applicants will be responsible for organising their own itinerary. However, the SCHOMS Office will be able to provide general advice and guidance.
  • Upon notification of the Bursary award for presentation or research projects Successful applicants should inform their Line Manager that the funds will be placed in the care of either the Manager or Head of Budget Centre.
  • The spending of the funds should be accounted in full, with invoices and receipts as proof of expenditure, in accordance with Institutional procedures.

 Applications & Expressions of Interest


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