SCHOMS is the professional body with a mission for Senior Managers working within Higher Education and our members lead and manage a diverse set of educational, technological, media and institutional development and support services. Giving strategic direction to support technological trends and promote excellence in teaching and learning practices and their environments.

We bring an experienced community together who evaluate emerging technologies, collaborate on pedagogic direction and innovative design of teaching spaces to appropriate classroom technologies, AV equipment, room designs and support services that can meet the current and future demands of Higher Education.

Each institution deploys and manages these services from differing structural systems, SCHOMS has created a community of practice where these specialised and often unique roles can gather to exchange good practice and collaborate on common themes.

As a professional body we promote continuing professional development (CPD) across the full range of staff roles, offering leadership and management development in addition to training and certification opportunities for technical staff in partnership with AVIXA. SCHOMS Bursaries & Awards provide opportunity for you to explore issues and challenges that are closer to home and promote the outcomes to the SCHOMS community.

Procurement and enhancing supplier relationship management has become a key strategic aim, enabling consultation with providers to promote and influence Higher Education specific requirements.

Our regular newsletter Connections captures our activities.

SCHOMS wish to thank our Annual Partners for their support. With this support we are empowered to provide our members with a rich and valued programme of activities. 

You can follow SCHOMS and its activities on Twitter @SCHOMSinfo.


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    Our Vision: To provide strategic direction in the development and support of learning environments, systems, associated technologies, and professionals.
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