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Training Day Programme

Monday 21 June

TimeTopicNotesBook Session
12.00 - 13.30User ExperienceChuck EspinozaSenior Staff Instructor - AVIXABook This Session
14.00 - 15.00Needs AnalysisChuck EspinozaSenior Staff Instructor - AVIXABook This Session
15.30 - 17.00How to Develop Your Staff: Staff DevelopmentChuck EspinozaSenior Staff Instructor - AVIXABook This Session

Conference Programme

Tuesday 22 JuneDAY 1Book Session
13.30SCHOMS WelcomeMark Dunlop, Chair SCHOMSBook This Session
13.35 – 14.00Welcome to QMU - Video campus tour Richard Butt, Vice Principal, QMU (TBC)Included in SCHOMS Welcome
14.00 – 14.55
This Next Great Leap ForwardStephen Heppell
Change in English education seems to come every 75 years or so. Sunday schools in 1800, Primary education for all in 1870, secondary education for all in 1944...  and now CoVID... More
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15.00 – 15.25Parallel Partner sessionsCrestronMersiveTeamMate

15.00 – 15.25 aCrestron - The Touchless Classroom.
Creating post pandemic safe and automated teaching spaces.
Raj Singadia
- Automated classroom.
- Solution centric delivery.
- Future proofing your campus.
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15.00 – 15.25 bMersive - The Future of Hybrid Learning
Environments. Bringing an Active Classroom to Remote Learners. 

Christopher Jaynes
- Mersive Solstice has been designed for engaging collaboration for both onsite and remote learners.
- Solstice Active Learning provides learners with a completely touchless collaboration experience to engage and share using their own devices.
- Together, Solstice Active Learning and Solstice Conference support the next generation of hybrid learning environments - enabling students to have immersive, collaborative learning experiences from anywhere.

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15.00 – 15.25 cTeamMate - Furniture for Hybrid Workspaces.
Designing hybrid workspaces with TeamMate Roomware Solutions.
Kevin Lyons & Sam Botting
- Update on latest designs from TeamMate
- HuddleZone Table reveal.
- How TeamMate's technical Furniture can help with this post-pandemic world.
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15.30 – 15.55
Parallel Partner sessionsKramer - TK Team - Panasonic

15.30 – 15.55 aKramer - TBCTBCBook This Session
15.30 – 15.55 bTK Team - TBCTBCBook This Session
15.30 – 15.55 cPanasonic - Evolution of AV within Higher Education.
Working with universities to fulfil students’ expectations…
Carlton Gee & Dean Williamson
- Introduction and latest market trends  First hand University experience.
 -  Implementing a blended learning environment How Panasonic is able to meet these changing needs.
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16.00 – 16.30My route into AV, and managing 300+ classrooms in an AV team of 3 techniciansPer Mouritzen - Aalborg University, Denmark
Per Mouritzen has been working in the AV industry for more than 20 years, both as end user, installer and technician, he holds an CTS and has a master in ICT and learning. He work as an technology manager doing learning space design at Aalborg University, Denmark. Per has been part of different Avixa webinars and panel discussion.
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Wednesday 23 JuneDAY 2

13.30 – 14.40Round table on Hybrid learning
Presentation and discussion
Rodrigo Sanchez-PizaniKings College London
Chris PearsonDurham University
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14.45 – 15.10Parallel Partner sessionsExtron - Wolfvision - Top Tec

14.45 – 15.10 aExtron - Solutions for Remote, Hybrid, and In-Person Learning.
There has never been a better time to acquire or upgrade the AV teaching tools you need to reach students wherever they are. Extron has the AV products that help educators deal with teaching challenges, both immediate and long term.
Michael Edlin
- Recording and Streaming solutions for remote and hybrid learning
- AV over IP allows institutions to leverage existing network to easily redeploy AV systems as class sizes and social distancing requirements change.
- Voice reinforcement for in-person teaching, with or without a mask
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14.45 – 15.10 bWolfvision - TBC. TBCBook This Session
14.45 – 15.10 cTop Tec - The Changing Dynamics of Learning Spaces.
Adapt your learning spaces to the ‘new normal’.
Simon Ferguson
- Rethink your current learning spaces and discuss how to potentially restructure environments.
- We will cover many aspects of blended learning; from online teaching, to a range of ‘in-class’ collaborative and didactic teaching spaces.
- How blended learning spaces can help increase student engagement using ‘fit for purpose’ Technical Furniture solutions.
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15.15 – 15.40Parallel Partner sessionsLG - Siso - Sennheiser

15.15 – 15.40 aLG - TBCTBCBook This Session
15.15 – 15.40 bSiso - Smart Resource Management.
Smarter management of technical resources to help navigate your way through the post-Covid student world.

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15.15 – 15.40 cSennheiser - Touchless Audio. The World Has Changed, Have We?  
Premium audio solutions for a modern educational facility – we make learning a sound experience.
Inesh Patel 
- Quality matters – addressing campus-wide audio challenges of today with premium audio solutions for tomorrow and beyond.
- The future is here – uncompromised audio quality for in-room lectures, remote participants, hybrid learning and more.
- Keeping it simple – how to meet multiple AV challenges with minimal product interaction while seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure.
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15.45 – 16.45FlexSpaceLisa StephensBook This Session

Thursday 24 JuneDAY 3
13.45 – 14.10PowerBI & PowerApps - Transforming in-house AV control and ManagementMarek Pokorny and Daniel Caruana - 
University of South Australia
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14.15 – 15.00SCHOMS - The Way Forward
to include SCHOMS AGM

Executive Committee - (include discussion on ISE, Benchmarking survey, Bursary info)
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15.05 - 15.30Parallel Partner sessionsSony - Ascentea - GV AV

15.05 - 15.30 aSony – Providing the tools to support you.
As you look to create new and appropriate ways to deliver teaching and engage with students either remotely or face to face - Sony is here to support you. 
Garry Cox 
- Comprehensive range of technologies to support Higher Education teaching and technology management. Supporting Universities across Europe to enhance their remote learning capabilities. We will explore some of these installations and the Sony technologies they chose to install, including our Edge Analytics Appliance.  
- We’ll highlight to you to our latest products.
- We’ve a lot to catch up with you on so we hope you can join us!
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15.05 - 15.30 bNureva | Ascentae - Why Nureva are transforming the modern classroom to support Hyflex learning.
Supporting hybrid learning with advanced audio-conferencing technology from Nureva.
Jon Knight
- Explore how the landscape of higher education in the UK has changed and explains how combining learning approaches like ‘HyFlex’ with the right technology can give students the educational experience they need.
- Learn how Nureva audio solutions facilitate ‘HyFlex learning’.
- Understand the future trends being predicted by thought leaders in the higher education space and in addition to a detailed walkthrough of Nureva’s current product offering, have a preview of the new education features.
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15.05 - 15.30 cGV AV - Hybrid AV in Education.
AV solutions for Hybrid Learning - no matter where your students are located. 
Ross Turnbull & Ben Spurgeon
- GVAV Intro (Live)
- Pre-recorded demonstration of a hybrid AV system installed at the University of Birmingham and a product demonstration by Audio Logic
- GVAV Live Q&A
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15.35 – 16.00Parallel Partner sessionsExterity - Epson

15.35 – 16.00 aExterity - Getting back on campus safely: the role of IP technology.
How can universities and colleges prepare themselves now for the future and ensure a COVID-safe campus? Discover how digital signage and IP-base communications are playing a viral role in preparation for the safe return of students to higher education. 
Andrew Smith
- How to prepare for the future and ensure a COVID-safe campus.
- Discover how digital signage and IP-base. communications can play a viral role.
- Communicate more effectively to students, staff and visitors across campus.
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15.35 – 16.00 bEpson - Epson Professional Displays. Learn about Epson’s updated range of market-leading 3LCD laser projectors, suitable for any and every space on campus and beyond.Paul Wilson
- Projector versatility for campus-wide deployment.
- Distant viewing and distance learning: pandemic talking points.
- 3LCD laser and the growth of Epson Professional Displays.
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16.05 - 16.30QMU - Managing Learning space projects - How does a pandemic change your approachSpeaker from QMU - tbcBook This Session
16.30 - 16.45Closing Remarks - to include Intro to Durham Annual Conference 2022Mark DunlopSCHOMS Chair & Chris Pearson - Durham UniversityBook This Session


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