Nureva Inc. specialise in flexible audio conferencing solutions for hybrid learning environments. Their innovative solutions use patented Microphone Mist technology™, filling a room with virtual microphones so every word is heard regardless of where the speaker is situated. Microphone Mist technology allows lecturers to walk around while they’re delivering, just as they would if all their students were physically present.

Educators can make full use of their space and still ensure they are heard clearly by remote students, as if everyone were in the same room. Full-room coverage also means co-located participants can remain physically distant yet socially connected. Furthermore, Nureva® Console allows IT staff to configure and maintain systems from anywhere, scaling audio-conferencing to accommodate hybrid learning.

This technology is currently the ultimate in innovation. A virtual microphone is an individual “pickup point” created when two or more physical microphones work together to focus sound pickup on a distinct zone. Microphone Mist technology aggregates the individual performance of virtual microphones, optimising each for a natural listening experience. The future of virtual programmes relies on educators being 100% confident that they can speak and be heard by remote students. This revolutionary technology will be the foundation for future learning in a hybrid world.

Customers already using Nureva audio to strengthen the sustainability and viability of their hybrid learning include: Kings College London, London School of Economics, Royal Holloway, Middlesex, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Manchester & more

Nureva® audio delivers “perfect experience” for hybrid learning - Case Study

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