Partnership Scheme

1 May - 30 April - Annually

Our aim is to make the relationship between SCHOMS and our Partners more than just a sponsorship package. As well as our well established platforms where Partners can engage with our members we are looking to extend the range of communication opportunities with a strong focus on relevant and topical issues. 

Learn more about Partner Benefits.

We are challenging Partners to demonstrate how they are addressing real issues in our sector through case studies and specific product deployment examples. This will bring greater value to our membership and extended dialogue for our Partners.

We are ever mindful of our strategic goals relating to sustainability. Submissions from Partners and potential Partners are encouraged to fully demonstrate issues of sustainability and addressing the "Green Agenda".

We would like to thank all of our current Partners for their continued support and contributions to the SCHOMS community.

Enquiries and Questions about Partnership with SCHOMS


Our Vision: To provide strategic direction in the development and support of learning environments, systems, associated technologies, and professionals.
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