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Full membership is open to Higher Education Institutions in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Staff of overseas institutions shall be entitled to Membership on the same basis as UK and Eire members, provided their status as an HEI can be established to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee.

The standard subscription fee for 1 August 2020 – 31 July 2021 remains unchanged at £310 for all member Higher Education institutions.

Associate membership may be made available to other individuals or equivalent institutions in view of their specialist skills or of their representation of related bodies – £100 per year – Associate membership

Membership year runs 1st August – 31st July.

In addition to the Institutional Representative, each full member HEI is able to add Corresponding members free of charge. These members enjoy the same benefits as the Institutional Representative and are usually the managers of complementary media or educational technology services in the same institution.

Summary of benefits of full membership include:
Close knit community for networking and best practice
A lively email discussion list (JISC)
Eligibility to attend the Annual Conference
Eligibility to attend any online events
Access to bursary schemes
Bronze institutional membership of AVIXA (This is a cost saving on purchasing this directly)

Offer for 2020-21 only:
Given the uncertainty posed by COVID-19 on University budgets, we can confirm that for this year only we can offer a COVID-19 Membership Package which will be free of charge. This will include all the normal benefits of SCHOMS membership listed above but will NOT include:
• Access to bursary schemes
• Bronze institutional membership of AVIXA

This is being offered to ensure that the SCHOMS community can stay together during these challenging times in order to support each other.

If you would like to join SCHOMS either as a new institution, a Corresponding member from an existing member institution or as an Associate member, please complete the application form.
Please note that due to the range of benefits that are offered to the membership throughout the year, the annual subscription fee is fixed and there is no pro-rata reduction for joining partway through the year.


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